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Nightlife Butler is YOUR concierge.

Your Personal VIP Concierge

In Las Vegas, there are basically two types of concierge and hosts. Either they are limited in the services they offer by the specific venues they work for, or they are commission driven. A commission based service may have more access to venues, however, they DO NOT have the customers best interest in mind. These service providers try to steer clients to what is most profitable for them.

Nightlife Butler is different. We have no affiliation with any specific venues or services. We are customer driven. Your wants and needs dictate the services we provide. If you want help choosing venues and destinations, we ask you what experience you are looking for.

We Save You Time and Money

Nightlife Butler is uniquely positioned to provide Preferred Pricing to our clients in several industries. Including:

  • Nightlife
  • Daylife
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Dining
  • Shows
  • Transportation
  • Tours

These services can be bundled or purchased individually, either way, you will be provided with our Preferred Rates.

Additionally, if you do use multiple services, think of the time saved researching, comparing, and making reservations. With still the risk that your reservations may not be honored at nightlife and daylife venues – something that does happen in Las Vegas when not using Nightlife Butler.

Have More VIP Access

Want to skip lines at clubs? Want to make reservations at venues that are tough to book at? Nightlife Butler can make that happen. You will be the one turning heads as you enter the venue past all the lines being escorted by your personal Butler.

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