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A Better Bottle Service Experience

Bottle service is the ultimate way to experience nightlife in Las Vegas! The experience starts with your personal butler escorting you into the venue without waiting in any lines. You arrive at your own VIP table or booth where your bottles are already waiting and custom cocktails are served by your personal model server. Tables are generally roped off with designated security, providing you with a true VIP experience. While the package price can appear high, most club patrons will spend the same amount without this VIP experience. Entry for gentlemen to Las Vegas nightclubs average $40 per person and cocktails range from $12-$18 each, not including tip. For a guest without a table, he/she will have to wait in extended lines just to get into the club…no walking in right in like with bottle service. Then, to get a cocktail he/she will have to fight their way to the bar and usually experience an extended wait. The entire nightlife experience can be ruined as you wait in line after line and shuffle through the crowd just to get a drink. And who wants to spend their entire night in line anyway?!

Having your own designated area and bottles allows for more time to spend with your friends, make new friends, dance, as it truly provides the full VIP Vegas experience.

So how does VIP bottle service work?

Quotes are provided based on the number of people in your party. On average, a quote for bottle service is $500 per 3-4 people in your party. The quoted price is your spending minimum, and includes bottles of your choice of alcohol. Bottles typically average at $500 each before tax and gratuity. All spending minimums exclude tax and gratuity, unless otherwise noted. For premium seating options, a group should expect a $500 spending minimum per 1-2 people in your party. Prices do vary based on the venue, the scheduled event for the night, and specific requests. Have a favorite table? Not to worry, our relationships allow our clients the best chance for exact table requests!

When Should Your Arrive for Bottle Service

Most nightclubs typically do not hold table reservations past 11:00 PM. That is not the case with your personal butler at work for you. Your butler can take care of all the details before you even arrive. All you do is show up at the venue where your personal butler is waiting to escort you to your table. Your bottles have been pre-ordered and are waiting to be served. Now that’s a VIP experience!

Better Bottle Service

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