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We recommend enjoying Las Vegas with a group of friends! Not only is it fun to experience Vegas with those you love, friends can share the cost as well! A shared trip means more awesome memories to make and it even gives you more spending cash for parties and hitting the casino tables.

While it can be friendly on the wallet with a group of friends, a group can also mean more opinions about what everyone should do and less decisions prior to the trip. Let our Las Vegas concierge help you build an itinerary! Our experts can help you decide on an itinerary that is appropriate to the type of group based on dates of travel, budget, and the reason for the Vegas vacation.

When to Plan Your Las Vegas Experience

It is highly recommended that you begin planning your itinerary for your trip as soon as possible. Details can be solidified as the date approaches, but it’s always best to start considering your options early. This gives the group time to prepare financially for any shared expenses and it allows individuals to make separate plans for visiting other attractions.

Need Help? Just Ask Our Las Vegas Concierge

Every group is different and even if you travel with the same friends each time you come to Vegas, the experience doesn’t need to repeat itself! New attractions open all of the time, and the daylife and nightlife scene continues to reinvent itself. We are here to help guide you through the many options and assist you in creating a unique experience every time.

Think you have a crazy request to make? Try us! You’d be surprised at what our personal butlers can do!

If you prefer to book a package without personal assistance or guidance, our recommended packages are available for immediate purchase. Simply select the package that interests you and check out. It’s that simple!

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